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Fello Golfer, As the body ages, it loses flexibility. Loss of flexibility is one of the single most important physical characteristic likely to influence one’s golf swing. A tight body restricts the motion of the swing and can even lead to injuries. In this online program, you will increase your flexibility. Improve your mobility. Build core strength and increase your speed, power and consistency.


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Hello Fellow Golfer,

My name is Chris Ownbey and I’m the founder of Chris Ownbey’s golf fitness, located in Dallas, TX. As a Certified Golf Fitness Performance Coach by the Titleist Performance Institute and certified personal fitness trainer for over 30 years, I have learned that there are specific golf exercises that will not only improve your overall health but also dramatically improve your flexibility, core strength and balance for a more enjoyable golf game. 

Traditional exercise routines, like lifting weights and doing cardio may be good for your overall health, but do very little to help your golf game.

It all comes down to this main concept: the mechanics of the golf swing require specific levels of flexibility, balance, stability, core strength to perform a consistent and efficient golf swing.

Regardless of how much time you work on your swing mechanics, if your body doesn’t have the flexibility for the backswing and the core strength to support your swing, you are limiting your potential.

The bottom line is that your mechanics won’t get better until you fix the body that swings the club.

More than ever, golfers like you realize how improving your body can play a big role in your performance, both on and off the course.

I work with over 50 Golfers a week in my private studio in dallas Tx. Now, I would like to work with you in the comfort of your own home.


A TPI Golf Fitness Assessment: Showing the physical limitations which have a direct effect on the golf swing.

The results from this assessment is what drives from your fitness plan.




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